How to Report Abuse

If you encounter any abuse related to our hosting services or your Aquahost account, we encourage you to report it promptly. For abuse reports, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

What to Include in Your Report

When reporting abuse, providing detailed information helps us take swift and effective action. Please include the following in your report:

Note: Due to the volume of reports, we may not be able to send a personal response to each message. However, rest assured that we will take necessary actions to ensure compliance with our Terms of Service and applicable laws.

What Happens with Your Report

Upon receiving your abuse report, our dedicated Abuse Team will promptly queue and process it. All abuse reports are logged and tracked individually.

Domain Names Registered with Aquahost

If a domain name is not hosted on our network, even if it's registered with Aquahost, verification or restrictive action may be limited. To expedite resolution, we recommend reporting abuse concerning content or activity hosted on third-party servers to their respective hosting providers.

Additional Information

For more details on common types of abuse and our related policies, please refer to our Abuse Policies Knowledge Base article.